We are yooture. We find the perfect ones.

We have always been looking for the perfect ones. The perfect next project, the perfect next job, the perfect employees. And we always felt this should be easier. This is why we founded yooture. To find the perfect job. To find the perfect candidate. And to connect the two if they make the perfect match. Easy, fast and relevant.

The founders.

Claudio Lehmann

Before yooture, Claudio held various senior leadership positions within the IT Department of UBS. He has longstanding experience in the development, deployment and operation of complex IT systems. Claudio is responsible for the strategic development, operations and finance of yooture.

Being a passionate musician, he is always looking for that perfect song.

Dominik Bartholdi

Dominik is an acclaimed contributor to various open source initiatives like Apache or Jenkins. Before yooture, he was responsible for the development of mobile applications at UBS. Dominik is our technology mastermind and responsible for the technical development and operation of yooture.

Being an enthusiastic motorcyclist and traveller, Dominik is always exploring the perfect next destination.

Martin Scherrer

Martin used to be strategy consultant and innovation manager at IBM Research. Before yooture, he was leading various teams at UBS, mainly being responsible for innovative projects at the interface of business and technology. Martin is responsible for the strategic development, business development and marketing & sales.

Being an avid freeskier, Martin is always searching for the perfect descent.